10 Thoughtful Gift Ideas

Thank you so much for stopping by my little corner of the world.  It means so much to me.  I cannot believe that the holiday season is fast approaching. I feel like summer was just around the corner and I was working from home during the pandemic.
Even through all of the craziness the world has put upon us this year, I am so grateful that my family and friends have help me hold it together. I just wanted to share a few thoughtful gifts you can make / purchase this Christmas season. I hope each idea inspires you to shop local, create and have a beautiful time making memories.
You know that I love handmade gifts, so get ready to get out your sewing machines, paint brushes and make something amazing for Christmas . 

1. Experiences

This will always be number 1 on my list.  Anytime that I can make a memory with family or friends, traveling to a cute town or going for late night brisk walk is a win in my book!  Give someone an experience as a gift.  Are there trails you can explore? You can have them over during the Christmas season and make a delicious meal together. You can light the fire pit, put on layers, roast marshmallows and have a winter drink. You can go sledding or for a sleigh ride.


2. Treats

I love getting in the kitchen and baking up a batch of cookies, chocolate covered pretzels or making some candied nuts (which has been a favorite of mine!).  If you need a gluten free, dairy free, vegan recipe, you have to check out the Minimalist Baker

3. Sew Something (I know you can do it!)
I know sewing can be intimidating. The needles, the threads, the machine, the instructions.  But with the right fabric, the right instructions and if you have a basic sewing machine, you can make a lovely scarf, lavender sachet, or even a very simple but beautiful linen boxy top.
The Agustina top was such an easy sew with easy to follow instructions.  I'm sure someone would love a handmade piece!  I know I would.!! 

4. Facial Moisturizer

The winter season can be very drying on the skin.  A lovely handmade blend of oils & butters could make a perfect gift.  Reuse a glass jar that you already have or find one onlineI love using Ann Marie products but sometimes I love to make a basic concoction to have on hand or gift.

5. Jewelry Kit

This pandemic has had us in the house doing crafts we never thought we would be doing. Sewing, knitting, hand dying, wood working, painting, baking! I could not help but to include a DIY jewelry kit.  I know buying jewelry is a bit of a luxury. Especially handmade pieces.  I am so happy to create a very simply porcelain jewelry kit for Blue Rochelle's holiday items.  All you have to do is get out your acrylic paints and let your imagination explore.  Paint the tiniest lavender bud, color block the entire porcelain piece or add golden paint!  There is nothing you can't do with this tiny piece of porcelain.   What a fun and easy gift to give!


 6. Floral Facial Steam

Treat someone to a spa like experience right in the comfort of their own home. What is Floral Facial Steam?  It's dried bits of botanical and herbs that have amazing properties for your skin.  They are placed in a bowl of hot water while the steam opens up your pours and allows the nutrients of the dried flowers and herbs to penetrate into your skin.  Check out Blue Rochelle's first ever gift box as a lovely optionYou can go to your local grocery store or check out your favorite flower farm, dry out your own and make a beautiful blend. There are great tutorials and recipes out there!  Some of my favorite dried flowers are lavender, rosehip and camomile.

7.  Handmade Journal
I absolutely love expressing myself through my creations, through art, through written words.  If you have a friend or family member like me, they would love a thoughtful handmade journal.  You can even add some handmade paper to your special journal. There are beautiful journals out there if you would like to support a hand crafted artist.  

8.  Linen Napkins
This is a very easy gift idea.  You can purchase pre-made linen napkins, dye them with nature such as flower petals, onion skins, avocado pits (a lovely shade of pink) or grab some of your scrap linen fabric, sew up the edges and make a set of your own.  The print ideas are endlessYou can hand draw on your linen napkin with fabric paint. You can print using leaves or flowers.  You can even embroider your napkins if you'd like! Wrap it up with recycled craft paper, a bit of twine, and a lovely DIY gift is done!

9.  Gift Basket/ Boxes
If you are multi-talented and can sew, knit, paint or bake. Put all of your skills into one lovely gift basket! I love making jewelry but I often like to paint or create other things to get my brain working in a new way.  That is how the Blue Rochelle Gift Box began.  I painted a bunch of water color cards, naturally dyed a tote using acorns that I foraged from my grandparents back yard, made a few porcelain pieces and decided to put them all together into a lovely sustainable gift box!

10. Linen Spray
There are so many harsh chemicals found in regular household sprays.   So I began to make my very own linen spray.  You can too!!  No harsh chemicals, no synthetic fragrances and your home, bedding will smell amazing. Here is a very simple recipe. Of course you can customize it with all of your favorite essential oils! I currently have a lavender rosemary blend at home.

11. Small dessert plate & cup set (Bonus)With my love of all things ceramic and porcelain, I had to add this to the list.  There are so many great potters out there!  A small dessert plate and cup set would make a beautiful gift along with some homemade treats!  If you have a kiln or take pottery classes then you definitely need to make that special someone a handmade cup and dessert plate set! 



12. A book of poems (Bonus Bonus)  The ideas keep flowing!
If you are willing to share your beautiful words with a special someone, make a handmade journal and gift them.   I love reading the beautiful words of complete strangers in Bella Grace magazine.

I hope you all have a safe and beautiful Christmas.

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