Our Sustainable Packaing



How I package my pieces is so important to me.  I'm always looking for great companies to have 100% recyclable or better yet truly bio-degradable packing. We live in a throw-away society, if something is broken it tends to be put in the landfills.

Instead of repainting something, mending something, or reusing something it gets put into the trash.  I wanted to have the least amount of environmental impact that I can even down to my packing.

It's estimated that by the year 2050, the waterways will have more plastic in them than fish. Sustainable packaging is something that I'm always researching.  What materials are the manufactures using?  Is the packaging truly recyclable or biodegradable?

I've even made my own mailers by using card stock and bubble wrap from previous purchases.  At least it gets a second life!

I'm currently researching S-Packaging, Ecoenclose and Noissue for my packaging needs.  They are all great companies!  I love the 100% recycle cardboard clam shells of S-Packaing (which I'm currently testing out).  I have some products from Ecoenclose on the way but I love how they have recycled poly-mailers and 100% recycled  padded kraft mailers.  I love how you can customize with No Issue.
I truly try to be mindful of what I create (that is why I create in small batches) and how I package my handmade pieces.