Handmade with Love

Most recently, a kind soul related my jewelry pieces and my color choices to that of Anne of Green Gables.  I was very happy to hear such comment because I love the simplistic style and muted color choices of that era. But honestly, I had never watched Anne of Green Gables. I did however grow up watching shows like Little House on the Prairie and the Waltons, and have always gravitated towards vintage simplistic and maybe even a bit homely of styles. I always loved witnessing such simple task of making breads and creating dresses from nothing but flour and scraps of fabric simply marvelous!

My senior college project was to create a mini collection from start to finish. Of course my pieces were prairie like!  Long skirts with wooden buttons, hand dyed leaf green blouses. (Oh I wish I could find those photos).

When I stumbled across this cotton fabric with it's dainty little flowers, I knew I needed to create a vintage inspired wrap dress.

I've paired my vintage inspired wrap dress with the 14kt gold Hattie Necklace and my grandmas vintage purse that she gave me many years ago. (what do you think?)

Yes, I did say I've never watched Anne of Green Gables circa 1985 however since that comment, I've been watching Anne with an E on Netflix and I love it! I'm so sad that the series was cancelled. I sure do hope they bring it back.

My days are typically spent in the office Monday through Friday. So it brought me much joy to live a bit slow this week, sew this vintage wrap dress following the amazing Jess Dang over on youtube, listen to the beautiful music of newly discovered (new to me!) Alexis Ffrench BlueBird and un-connect on Easter Sunday to make carrot cake cupcakes with a delicious cream cheese frosting, see family that I haven't seen in almost a year, and hold tiny babes that are growing oh so fast.

In a world that is in constant motion, we must take the time to slow down, and live simply.

I hope you are creating a handmade wardrobe, experiencing making things with your own two hands. Making homemade breads, and cream cheese frostings, I hope you are drawing, and painting, I hope you are sitting in the grass and feeling its coolness, I hope you are filling your life with so much beauty.


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