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The dictionary definition of serenity is “the state of being calm, peaceful, and untroubled”.  It sounds like a pretty perfect state to be in right now. I know not every moment is calm, peaceful and untroubled, but to have a day or two of feeling at peace just sounds absolutely beautiful.

The New Collection

I thought really hard on what to name my new collection. I thought maybe I could use my grandpa’s name, or his middle name, maybe my grandma’s middle name?  But nothing seemed to flow or feel right.  Okay, let me back up a bit at let me explain the collection first!

My grandparents had two beautiful trees in the yard. A huge chestnut tree, and a black walnut tree. I’ve collected fallen walnuts to make a dye bath to naturally dye the “enjoy the journey tote” in the Blue Rochelle gift box. As a kid we would take leaves and pretend we were cooking. Grandpa would sit in his wooden swing, or bbq underneath the shade of the huge chestnut tree.  Countless games of tag were played in the yard and one of those trees would be home base. So when I found out this past summer that the trees needed to be removed, I was a bit devastated.  It’s like a part of my childhood would be erased forever. Before the trees were taken down, I collected fallen branches (I didn’t even know for what reason at the time) but I took the branches home and there they stayed for months.

I want to hold onto it forever!

I know somethings are just meant to be let go of. They are not meant to be in your life forever. Just like some people, but I didn’t want to let my beloved trees go. I want to hold onto it forever. So that is how my new collection slowly began to take form.

I had a small branch of the walnut tree casted in precious metals. It felt amazing to see a piece of my grandparents walnut tree in metal form, knowing I would have this with me forever and it could be a part of my family’s history for years to come! Connecting to nature, to family, to memories.  As the days went by, colors started to develop for the porcelain earrings. Deep greens like the leaves dangling on tiny wires of gold. 

I can clearly picture grandpa in the yard seeming to be at a calm, peaceful, and untroubled state.

When I think of my new collection, that is exactly how I feel, that is exactly how I want you to feel. When the world feels crazy difficult. And you have those moments in your life like oh gosh, I can’t do this. Know that you have the strength to keep going, take a deep long meaningful breath, feel all the air go in and out of your lungs, embrace your moment of being calm, peaceful and being untroubled, even if it’s only for 5 min at a time.

My new collection is inspired by a walnut tree, the color of the deep green leaves, and feeling at peace (even for a moment) with the world, with myself.  This is my new Serenity Collection!

Know that you are not alone on your journey. We all have moments of self-doubt but do take those long deep breaths.  Sit underneath the shade of your favorite tree and when the colder months approach, and you don’t want to brave the elements, it’s ok to just stare at it from afar and know it will be there to comfort you when it’s needed.

Serenity. I hope you find your moments of peace, calm and being untroubled.

Sending my love,

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  • One word, Thank you! for sharing your memories.


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