Au Revoir 2022

I'm finding it difficult to look for the correct words to say. There has been so much going on in my little corner of the world, that I feel silly talking about goals and reflecting upon the year. But as I look back at past entries, it helps me see growth, skills that are developing, creating beautiful space and pieces that I'm so very proud of. So, despite the pain that this past year has brought, I still want to write here in my diary. I want to continue to reflect, ponder on 2022 and share. Maybe, just maybe my words will inspire.
The goal that I am super proud of is my small studio space. It is not perfect. I can't keep all of my supplies in the small quaint space because in the cold winter months, and with this past horrible blizzard, we now know we have a lot more insulating to do! But my dear friends, I was able to purchase a small shed and turn it into a work space just for me.  Never in my wildest dreams did I think my creations would allow such a beautiful gift. Because of your love and support I have this quaint space of my own.  I am so very grateful.
While I wanted to create more ceramics with Jax this year, I cannot force creativity upon him. So another proud moment is anytime I can sit down with him to create anything!   I cherish baking, doodling, going for walks and brunch dates because he is growing so fast. We did have 1 art session over the summer, and his piece is still not finished. He has promised, he will get it done. When he does, I would love to share!  Creativity is messy, isn't it. One minute I'm rolling out clay, the next painting, sewing or knitting.
Yes, you read correctly. I finally finished a knit project. Well two knit projects but one is more of an "art" piece and not anything wearable. Why did I want to learn to knit? Well to be honest, I would see so many beautiful hand knitted sweaters and thought to myself, I think I could learn to do that. Oh boy, was I wrong! After two years of a love hate relationship with the knitting needles, I picked them back up and kept trying until I made myself the thickest scarf in a very romantic mauvey pink hue. When my scarf was complete, when I watched YouTube videos on how to cast off, when I wore it to the office and did a mini photo shoot in the backyard, I had this feeling wash over me . A feeling of you can do great things. In that moment I was kind to myself, proud of myself for learning a new skill and finishing the project. Even though it was just a scarf, it's a pretty cool, beautiful scarf and I knitted it!  You too can do great things.

                                              What's to come for 2023?

In this moment, I'm truly unsure. I mean of course I want to make lovely pieces, and I hope you love what I create but there are heath goals and other journeys that my heartstrings are pulling towards.
Finding a deeper connection to creating, finding purpose, exploring.

Sending you love, wishing you a Happy New Year!

Thanks for being on this messy creative journey with me thus far!

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  • That’s a beautiful reflection, honest and deep. I wish you well this 2023 and look forward to whatever you do this year!


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