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I’m always quite frantic this time of year. Even more so with starting a fairly new business. My mind is in constant motion, there are a million and one things to do and I shed a few emotional tears this past weekend. I had to cancel a few engagements and try my best to re-center.  I had to spend time with my clay, with my sewing machine, with avocado dye baths, with a glass of wine, with cups of tea and short bread cookies, with more tears and deep breaths but I’m here.  I’m here creating, making, going through this creative journey one day at a time, and I can’t thank you all enough for being here with me. I hope you find inspiration with starting a capsule wardrobe, experimenting with hand dying fabrics, with supporting slow fashion and accessory brands.

My email popped up the other day with the 2021 Contest from the Fabrics Store.  Re-imagine is the theme. At first, I wasn’t going to enter.  I didn’t have time to set yet another project for my already exhausted self. But linen, like raw porcelain clay, and melting precious metals speaks to my heart!  So in my Tisha fashion, I figured out a way to make it happen.  I would enter the sewing contest! Wish me luck!

The Tank: I made the Fabrics-Store Phoebe tank.  It’s such an easy sew, any novice sewer could give it a try!  The directions are very clear and it’s a perfect addition to my capsule wardrobe.  Let’s talk about my wonky hand embroidery. Well, I don’t embroider much, but I accidentally got black permanent marker on my tank.  That stubborn mark would not be removed so I simply covered it up with flowers! 

The Skirt: What was once a lovely white linen skirt, has been dyed a few times but now it’s in one of my favorite shades of pink.  Who knew avocados could produce such a beautiful color! You would think maybe a green or brown, but nope, the loveliest shade of pink that you ever did see! I made this skirt with an invisible zipper and side pockets.  This gal must have pockets!  I think I need to make another.

Accessories: Jewelry and clothing go hand in hand for me. I can’t have a lovely linen tank, and a beautiful hand dyed linen skirt without a few lovely accessories! I paired my outfit with a porcelain French hair barrette.  It's hand painted with tiny buds of lavender.  It’s so delicate and sweet and I absolutely love wearing it.  The Lucy NecklaceStuds and matching bracelet.  Tiny hand painted dots of gold like sparkling stars in the midnight sky.  The 14kt gold Hattie Ring and a new gold cuff that I’ve been working on.


What was once a plain white linen tank is now adorned with hand embroidery. What was once a plain white linen skirt is now a lovely shade of pink. Who once felt broken, defeated and exhausted is re-imagining the possibilities of her slow fashion accessory brand.


Slow fashion & accessories are very important to me. There is something a bit magical about creating a garment with my own hands. I love seeing yards of fabric turned into skirts, dresses & tops.

Supporting slow fashion brands knowing that each garment is made carefully, workers are receiving livable wages, and the materials not only feel amazing against the body, but are not harmful to the environment is something that I keep in mind when I make a purchase. Pieces are created in small batches, so that over production does not occur and thousands of units end up in landfills around the world.

Thanks for taking the time to read my words, and follow me along on my creative journey!  I can't wait to see your capsule wardrobe, what you create, and what you pair it with!


*photo credit: Jaxon M and Natisha M

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