Creating for Fall

You hear the crunch of golden leaves beneath your feet, and all you want to do is curl up with a cozy sweater, a delicious cup of tea and a lovely book. Fall time is amongst us! I can feel it, can you? 

I wanted to share my latest project with you, my latest creation that I've added to my capsule wardrobe and what I shall pair it with.

When I first spotted this brown and white polka-dot fabric, I just knew that I needed a cute front patch pocket skirt.  Sometimes the fabric just speaks to ya!  I searched for the perfect tutorial and came across Gertie on youtube.
While I have a background in apparel design, pattern drafting was not my most favorite, so having a little help never hurts! It was so easy to follow but I so dreaded the buttons. I think this project was my inner voice saying "you got this!)

I've paired my new Lizzie Trio necklace in the lovely shades of deep teal, weathered porcelain and celadon bleu with my front patch "Stroll in the Meadow skirt" (which is what I'm calling it)! I can picture days of collecting wildflowers before the winter frost hits and using the dried beauties as natural decor throughout the holiday season. I actually use a lot of dried flowers for my displays at craft shows and artisan markets. 

 Sewing and creating with your own hands is a very labor intensive process.  I sit at my kitchen table rolling out porcelain using tiny cutters and even tinier drill bits to make tiny (i won't say it again!) holes for the beads.  I sit at my small (not tiny) folding table with my sewing machine to add pieces to my capsule wardrobe through the year.  Yes, it's very labor intensive but it is so rewarding to have something that you created to share with the world, that you made with your own hands like our great grandparents did so long ago.



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