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I love the way linen feels on the skin, how overtime it becomes softer with every wash. I love its natural ability to degrade overtime, and how strong it is. Some may hate how wrinkly it gets, but I love that characteristic of linen.  Linen requires very little processing and because of this, it is a friendly fiber on the environment.

I’ve made the Fabrics-Store Agustina Boxy Top again in heavy weight linen.   I had some left over fabric from a previous project and wanted a simple and unfussy top in black to add to my wardrobe.  That piece to run to the library in, or the market on Saturday mornings. The first time that I made this top, it was a bit too short for me, so I added 1.5 inches to the bottom and that is all!  It’s such an easy sew, with clear instructions. A perfect top to wear with jeans and to pair with some new porcelain jewelry!  Yes, you read that correctly. It’s about time I share with you what I’ve been working on! (And there is so much more to share!).  I’m squealing with excitement!

First we have the new Jane earrings.  You all loved those cute adorable studs in so many fun colors, but I’ve toned it down just a bit and got back to basics. I’ve also did my best to eliminate the use of the two part epoxy, so now you can wear these tiny porcelain disc, hand glazed with a dip of blue like the waves of the ocean. They dangle from a tiny 14kt gold filled ball, and are just perfect for the everyday.  I’ll also have them in mother of pearl, such a classic look!  So many more pieces will be reinvented, and up on the site! I hope you’re excited for some new Blue Rochelle things to come! 

Sneak Peak / Coming Soon

The Aster Necklace

Okay dear friend.  To be honest, I thought I would have this entire Aster collection. A beautiful new necklace, bracelets, earrings, dangles, studs, but as the summer faded into fall, as I got sick for a few days, then Jax, my beloved collection became just one single necklace.  I thought, maybe I would save the collection for next year. Maybe I could add onto it throughout the year? After wearing it to the office, and to dinners, I decided life is short, release this idea into the universe and just let it be. If you would like earrings, or a bracelet to match, and the stars align and I have a moment of time, I will do my best to make that happen. Until then, I bring to you the Aster Necklace. Let us dive a bit more into who Aster is, and how she came to be.

When you first hear the word Aster, one might think of the flower.  But as I did research, Aster is the Greek word for “Star”, due to its blooms resembling a star.  Aster symbolizes love, wisdom, faith, and for me, finding your northern star.  There are so many things about running a business that I have yet to learn.  But this necklace is about listening to that gut feeling, pulling you towards something greater, learning along the way.

Aster -  is your intuition. Your inner self.  Aster is you. She is me. It is that feeling you get when you’ve set out a goal, and crushed it beyond your wildest dreams.  It is that beautiful feeling you get when you wake up, and the light shines through the window and frames a vase of flowers perfectly, and all seems right with the world in that tiny moment. It is a feeling of beauty, of love, of wisdom, of faith, of following your northern star, even if you are still figuring it out. Aster is here to let you know, that you got this!

I created the Aster Necklace to remind you and to remind me to trust in our intuition. Let the Aster necklace be a symbol of what guides you. Follow your north star. Aster is a hand stamped porcelain pendant, adorned with a northern star.  Glazed in 22kt gold luster, which looks like a chunk of gold plucked from the ground and hand forged.  It will age and become weathered over time, but still hold its beauty.  It is an absolutely delightful piece to add to your handmade artisan jewelry collection.  Thank you so much for following me along on this creative journey. I appreciate you so very much. 


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