Dear Self, maybe?


  I debated if I would share these thoughts, these feelings. As the days passed by, I felt the need to get them out of my head, and into the universe. I wanted to share, and find connection. Connection to my creativity again. Maybe my words will help another.
I actually typed this diary entry on Thanksgiving Eve, and I've decided not to edit my original thoughts and feelings.


Dear Self,

I sit here, the snow is slowly melting after a weekend long storm. The sun is bright in the sky and Thanksgiving is tomorrow, which I can hardly believe. I sit here pondering what I want to share with you this month. Do I even have any words to articulate?

I muster up my thoughts and feelings and begin to type away.
This time of year usually is a joyous time. Delicious food, family, laughs, putting up the holiday décor, making a list of gifts that I want to make, but never get around to making them all. There is this deep pain on how much I miss my grandparents, and the simple joy that they brought to the holidays.
We were not showered with tons of gifts but always a warm home, a bag filled with fruits, nuts and candies, tons of soft white Christmas lights, and so much food, that we would have leftovers for days to come.
A lump in my throat, a tear forming in my right eye, I keep typing to get these feelings out, to share.
Why am I even sharing these thoughts? I’m not even sure. Maybe to just get them out, maybe they have a connection to my creativity?


I take a deep breath, and pause to think, staring off into space.
These feelings, thoughts, memories do indeed connect me to my creativity.
The simple joy that my grandparents instilled in me, is what I bring to my work.
Every detail is thoughtfully crafted, from color choices, naming, meaning behind them, creating beauty with simplicity and wanting to design pieces that will be cherished, loved, and shared with family and friends for years to come.
I hope you have a joyous holiday season where ever you are.
Cherish the very small moments.
Cherish that handmade gift.
Cherish the time you spend with loved ones.
Because those can very well be the moments that have the biggest impact
in your life.

Sending you so much love.


What I'm wearing:

Jane Necklace in mother of pearl




Jane Dangle Earrings

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