Early August In The Studio

It’s Saturday morning and the family is still fast asleep. I quietly grab my keys, phone, (no coffee just yet) and head to my studio.  Yes my dear friends, I have my very own studio, and I am so proud of this accomplishment. I have the tendency to quickly move onto the next goal.  I’m still learning to savor these accomplishments and it’s going to take me sometime to acquire said skill.  But this is a huge accomplishment and it deserves to be celebrated.  Don’t you think?

I would spend months debating, do I actually need a larger space, can I continue to work from home? This back and forth internal battle would transpire for quite some time in my head taking up space, until one day, I just went for it. I got a quote, picked out a roof color, and placed the order for my soon to be Blue Rochelle Studio.  We were told it would take 5-6 weeks, but the shed was completed in 2.  So that left us scrambling to prep the ground.  It’s not perfect, but we have pavers underneath in hopes that it will last for years to come. I think grandpa is looking down saying “It'll be good".

The shed arrived and I still couldn’t believe that I had my very own space.  It's my cottage studio. My husband spent weeks, insulating, hanging dry wall, sanding floors, and it’s absolutely a dream come true! I still want to add French doors for  more natural light, a wood burning stove for the cold Buffalo winters, and the cutest little garden that you ever did lay your eyes upon! But those things will come with time, patience, and a bit more of the almighty dollar!

I have one custom work bench that my husband made for me.  This is where all of my soldering will take place.  The remaining custom benches will have to wait.  For now, I have folding tables adorned with Cabbages and Roses fabric that make the space look lovely and functional.  I have a table for all of my wax carving and assembling.  A shelf that was in the garage has been spray painted white, holding books, wax supplies, clay tools, watercolor brushes and my grandmas vintages treasures.  The most recent addition is a shelf that I picked up from the hardware store that holds all of pieces that are drying, bags of clay and soon to be finished pieces.

 My work horse kitchen table is just that.  My table from our kitchen that was given to us by a friend, and it is a true work horse. I have a thrifted chair that has been painted in a blue/gray chalk paint with mauve linen fabric tucked into the seat.  I still need to finish that project.  Don't we all have unfinished projects? I have another thrifted piece that has been painted white that holds more pottery, and bits and bobs!  All of my glazes are nestled on top near the roof ready to be used at a moments glance.

As the hours pass, yes I could spend hours rolling out clay, glazing, assembling, painting, and listening to music, I hear the back gate open and I can see Jax in his summer attire of shorts, a tee, and flip flops playing in the yard. This is all I could ever ask for, I think to myself.

Welcome to the Blue Rochelle Studio.  My little slice of this vast universe where I create tiny wearable works of art, trinket dishes, cards with intention and heart. Where I listen to music and let my mind wander to far away lands that I hope to one day visit, wander and imagine what shall I create next.  

I can’t thank you enough for being on this journey with me.  Wherever you are on your journey, I’m sending you well wishes.

*I’d love for you to take a listen to my playlist, and do let me know what you listen to while you work!  Send me a dm over on the gram! I still hang out over there from time to time.





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