Feel the Earth Beneath You

Thank you so much for stopping by my little corner of the world.  It means so much to me. 

I just wanted to share with you what I'm feeling in this moment. It's good to get our thoughts and feelings out!

I always want to slow down.  But it seems with a full time job, running Blue Rochelle and you know being a wife, mom, sister, friend I'm pretty much running at lighting speed most days.  It's always my goal to slow down, so when I can take little pockets of time to clear my mind, to fuel my soul, I do just that. 

Even if that means make a bit of floral facial steam or french clay cleansing grains.

Or stand in my garden that I've been creating for years next to my favorite thrifted chair, just to ponder what I will create next!

Sometimes I just have to step back from everything and take a break. Stand with my bare feet firmly on the ground feel all of its coldness running through me and simply rest.

I don't want to live on auto pilot. I want to savor my moments like a delicious piece of chocolate cake. I want to hold my son's hand just a bit longer because he's growing so fast. I want to send more snail mail because I want to put pen to paper and receive a lovely letter or postcard back. I want to create lovely pieces inspired by the rocks I see on the ground or the shape of a flower petal.

I want to always feel the ground beneath me, slow down but yet move forward.  This is how I tend to clear my mind and continue to create beauty in my life.

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