Gold Luster !

Thank you so much for stopping by my little corner of the world.  It means so much to me.  I just wanted to chat with you about gold luster glaze and how I add it to my pieces!

You maybe wondering why are those pieces more expensive? Well, sit back relax and I'll explain!

The thing about gold luster glaze is that it has real particles or gold suspended into an oil solution. Once the piece is fired in the kiln, the oil is burned off and you are left with a beautiful piece of jewelry with real gold!  I love using gold luster because it adds this beautiful shine to my pieces.  It's like a shinny little treasure that you can wear with you.

Here is the Ellie Marie Bracelet

Its shape has taken form from a rock my niece gave her uncle.  That small gesture of gifting something she found and then painted held a special place in my heart.  She created something beautiful and gifted it.  I used the rock, traced it's smooth curves and created the Ellie Marie bracelet.  It's slightly textured and I've woven the pendant onto a sturdy nylon cording using the ancient technique of macramé.

Gold luster is the last step in the firing process.  First the piece is bisque fired over night for about 11 hours.  The pieces must be completely cool before they can be glazed.  Next, the glazing process.  This is where I either choose from my beautiful shades of blues, and greens or glaze them clear.  The pieces go back into the kiln overnight at around 2000 degrees Fahrenheit.   Once cooled, I can then see the beautiful glazed pieces!!! It's the exciting part but only if nothing breaks or sticks to the kiln shelf.

When gold luster is added it must go back into the kiln for a 3rd time at a lower temperature.  It's a very long process.  Hand shaping the clay, letting it slowly dry overnight, bisque firing, glaze firing, and lastly the beautiful gold luster firing.   Opening the kiln door, seeing the beautiful pieces is like opening a tiny gift every time. 

I create all my pieces by hand and I love sharing them with all of you!



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