Goodbye July


I know I say this often and you probably find yourself saying it to.  "My, oh my this year is going by so fast. Even though it feels as if it is racing by, I just wanted to take a bit of time and reflect on the month of July, share with you thoughts, feelings and photography, sharing creativity.

I truly enjoyed the beginning of the month. I spent two weekends selling my wares at Kin Loch Farmstead  To be surrounded by so much lavender, and sweet lavender treats was absolutely wonderful.  I was very tired each day, but to get to share my handmade pieces with you, to interact and have conversations is one of my favorite things about being a small brand. Seeing repeat customers, familiar faces, and kind souls recognizing my work is such a beautiful feeling.

The Vase

I made so many lavender trinket dishes and bowls for my event with Kin Loch, I even painted little abstract floral earrings, and called them Fiona. I just thought Fiona was such a pretty name. My favorite piece that I created was a few lavender porcelain vases pressed with dried lavender for texture, hand glazed in a lovely purple, edged in gold luster.  I didn't even get any photos of the lovely pieces before they were gone on the first day! Why was "the vase" one of my favorite pieces? Well, when I first started Blue Rochelle, I began with a humble small kiln. Only large enough for my porcelain beads and a few small trinket dishes. After years of making and selling my work, I was able to invest in a much larger kiln.  I am able to create much larger works of art. The lavender vase was one of my first larger pieces. For me, the vase is a symbol of resilience, of capability and creativity.  When I opened the kiln, like a kid opening gifts on Christmas morning, I was extremely proud of what I created, what has been built in the past 5 years. The community that shows up. I could not do this without you.

The rest of the month

Running a small business is no easy task. There are a million and one things to do, and I already feel a bit behind but health, family, self care is so very important. There has to be a balance. (trust me, I still struggle with this). I will be dreaming, sketching, rolling out clay, writing, creating, feeling the sun on my face and the grass underneath, preparing for the busy months ahead.

One Word

If I had to sum of the month of July in one word it would be Thankful. 

  • thankful for my family setting up at each show
  • thankful for Kin Loch for having Blue Rochelle
  • thankful for new friends
  • thankful for each purchase, conversation, and follow

This allows me to continue to invest, to dream up dreamy new works of art and to share it with the universe.

What is your word for the month of July?


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