Hello 2023




Hello 2023


This time of year is typically very slow, and while I do my best to embrace the slowness, I also find myself in a bit of a panic because I feel the need to sign up for shows to meet deadlines, plan out new collections, order supplies, go over inventory, while still working full time and the list could go on for miles but I’ll just stop there.


I’m allowing myself to continue to move slow. A task that I am forever trying to master.

And throughout the slowness after the holiday break, a generational blizzard, I have found pockets of inspiration. You would be amazed of how the mind wanders if you allowed it to.
It wandered to past vacations that seem to be a life time ago, it day dreamed of the galaxy, the moon and the stars, it envisioned gardens of wildflowers, and fields of lavender. It romanticized Saturday morning espresso in the most perfect handmade cup. The mind is beautiful but yet terrifying at times.



I simply cannot plan out my entire year. I’m lucky if I can plan out a few months but I’m trying to improve upon that this year.

So hello 2023.

Hello to a year of growing, learning, creating, loving deeply, sharing, self care, meditating, art, gardening, and continuing to express my creative self.

While moving slow this year (I hope the slowness but yet moving forward mentality stays within me) I hope to write in my diary more, have more photo shoots in new and beautiful locations, share my process more, be silly, laugh more, complain less and truly feel every emotion, good, bad and the ugly.


Do stay tuned (as if we are watching an old black and white tv show!) for pieces inspired by waves of the ocean, crashing against the shore line. Can you hear the waves? Can you feel the calmness?

Stay tuned for tiny moons and stars.

Sending so much love into the universe.


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