It All Takes Time


 "all great achievements require time"  Maya Angelou

Time is something that you think you have a lot of until you look back at the years and they seemed to have slipped away. Time is something that we take for granted. At least I know I've had those moments of "I'll get to it later, I'll have time then".  As I get older, I realize that there won't always be a later so take precious moments of time to enjoy the things and people that you find near and dear to your heart.

I've always loved to create and you probably know this about me as I've shared it often!  But I was so quick to move onto the next creative project, not giving it time to take root in my soul. Somethings just never take root. They are fun, and I enjoyed them but they don't send me down the rabbit hole of research or spending hours glazing and not realizing that the time has passed by so quickly. 


When I started Blue Rochelle, I only knew that I wanted to create lovely handmade things.  It wasn't until I started working with porcelain and dainty chains that I knew I wanted to work with jewelry.  You see, when you love creating as much as I do, and it calls to you, you carve out precious moments of time and do just that! CREATE! 

"all I've ever needed was time"

Lets Create a Life We Love! 

My work has definitely changed over the years (for the better!)  and I'm so glad that I've given this creative journey time to take root in my soul, (and not move on), because that is all I've ever needed was time.  It takes time to achieve great things.

To find the right packaging, to find the perfect French blue silk ribbon, it takes time to learn from mistakes and make a quilt!  My patchwork quilt was the inspiration for this diary entry. I started making it a few years ago when I would accumulate pieces of linen or cotton from previous sewing projects (I told you, creativity is just part of my DNA!). I thought I would quickly get it done in maybe a few weeks and to my surprise its been a few years and I am nowhere near completion!)  And that is okay. It will take time for me to finish my quilt that I hope to pass down to Jax. I hope he cherishes it and knows how much love, care and thought went into sewing each and every wonky square, rectangle, hand dyed, left over capsule wardrobe piece of fabric. It’s ok if you don’t have it all figured out just yet.  But do take time for yourself to create something special. Create a life you love filled with handmade loveliness. Have a beautiful day and stay creative!

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