Journaling Can Be Therapeutic

Thank you so much for stopping by my little corner of the world.  It means so much to me that you've taken the time to read the words that I've written.  So thank you very much.

Why is journaling so important to me? Why do I cherish my little flower doodle in the corner of my notebooks? Well, it's very therapeutic to get my ideas out onto paper.  Those words can turn into a beautiful poem and that flower doodle can turn into an idea for a beautiful porcelain piece of jewelry.

The Lizzie Necklace started out as a doodle.  I kept drawing shapes until I didn't feel like drawing shapes anymore.  There was something about the triangle that resonated with me.  How it represents strength. It means so much to me, that little porcelain green triangle.

I had many people tell me that the jewelry market is over saturated, that it's great that you have a "hobby". 

I wrote all of those negative words down and read them over and over until they didn't bother me anymore. Until I realized that I like to make jewelry and that I'm going to push through all of the negativity.

To some, you may just see paper stapled together.  I see a beautiful place to share your thoughts, dreams, and even doodles!  I made these pocket journals with some scrapbook paper that I had laying around (and I have a lot of scrapbook paper!)  What an easy craft but would make a lovely hand made gift! 

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