Let Me Tell You A Story

As long as I can remember, I’ve always liked to create. It is such a great feeling, an accomplishment to make something with my own hands. Some of my first creations were doll dresses from scraps of fabric and old socks. I’ve created short stories which were very similar to the Baby Sitters Club, I’ve created handmade cards because I believe giving handmade is so special. My grandma always asks for peanut butter cookies as her gift of choice. So when I began to tinker with the idea of creating handmade jewelry I knew it needed to be created with my soul, as well as my hands.


Each piece that I create may take time. I think about a person, a place, a feeling, my imagination when I create. I think about the woman who may wear my piece, or I’m thinking of a place that I would like to travel to and wear a lovely necklace. I’m always thinking. I think that is why I love working with porcelain. It is because it is so mold able, I simply feel like a kid and I can just let my imagination wonder. Don’t ever loose your sense of imagination I say to myself sometimes. Some of my best ideas come from siting and daydreaming, imagining fields of lavender, quaint cottages, and wood burning stoves.


I’ve decided to spend the month of May to tell you the story of each piece.

Each piece of Blue Rochelle jewelry has part of my heart and soul. I hope you treasure each story and find joy in reading them.


I shall be spending time on Instagram as well as here, in my diary so feel free to come join me @bluerochellellc !

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