Lovely Moments in Time

 Thank you so much for stopping by my little corner of the world. This is where I like to share what I've been up to, what inspires me, things that I hold dear to my heart. Speaking of heart, I wanted to share a lovely memory of mine and how I create lovely moments in my life and how you can to.

The moment that I want to share is really special. The feeling that I had that day is how I want you to feel when you wear a Blue Rochelle piece of jewelry.  Inspired, lovely, and full of hope and wonder.

I was scrolling through social media one day (a few years ago now) and came across a farm to table dinner and natural dying event.  I had never attended a farm to table dinner and thought it would be something unique to try for our 13 year anniversary.  How does time fly by so fast? 13 years of marriage! I ordered the tickets, told my husband after and couldn't wait to go!  The tickets were purchased a month or so in advance so I had some time to "patiently wait".  If you know anything about me learning to be patient is something I am always working on.
The day had finally come. We dropped our son of with family for a few hours and headed to Crown Hill Farm.  Just pulling onto the gravel driveway and hearing the crunch of the pebbled stones against the tires made me smile. A different sound, a different view, new faces for a bit was what I needed that day.



  Crown Hill Farm

The land was absolutely beautiful. Green grass and trees for miles and miles. The day was just perfect.



Crown Hill Farm
A wooden table stood in the yard with mismatch chairs, naturally dyed silk fabrics hung from the trees, it all felt so magical.  We toured the land, the beautiful farm house and my favorite was the glassed green house.  It slightly reminded me of the movie Practical Magic. I truly felt at home in that space.


 Crown Hill Farm


We began to learn more about natural dying from an amazing woman named Nicole.  You can find her beautiful pieces on her site Her table was displayed so beautifully with fresh flowers, dye vats and silks hanging from the trees. Her pieces are truly gorgeous. 

 Crown Hill Farm


Mother nature creates the most beautiful colors. Natural dye is so much better for the environment as well as being placed on your skin. Synthetic dyes are filled with so many chemicals.

We got to pick a few flowers from the garden to add to our pieces. Sitting on the ground creating something beautiful that day made my heart so happy.  Spending quality time with my husband and enjoying the beautiful land will be a day that I will cherish forever. It felt as if I was connecting with the ground, the flowers, the earth, my husband more deeply that day.


The sun started to set a bit and our dyed pieces were steaming and waiting for all of the lovely colors to absorb into the fabric.
Our dinner was held in the yard. Everything was so fresh, in season and absolutely delicious. Butternut squash soup, followed by pork and delicious veggies and the chocolate mousse with berries was delightful.  They even had a vegan option which also looked amazing. 
A setting sun, delicious food, a glass a wine, my husband by my side, meeting new faces, lovely fabrics blowing in the fall breeze, connecting with the land was a moment that I will cherish forever.

If we hadn't decided to spend the evening at Crown Hill Farm that fall day, the magical memory would not be in my heart.

A day trip to Chautauqua Institution

Take day trips to see different sights.  Go for long drives on Sunday mornings. Wake up a bit early to make a special breakfast. Hold a small hand a bit longer. Cuddle and watch movies when it's oh so cold outside. Point out the wonders of the world and see it through their eyes. Cherish the small moments, create special memories, they go by oh so fast.


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