My Secret Garden



I probably first watched the movie when I was in 4th or 5th grade. (ages ago! ) I was in love with how the garden came to life. How Spring brought new buds of green poking through the ground. How the pure joy of new baby animals and planting a garden was all so thrilling and that’s all that they needed as long as they had each other.

I just recently read the book as an adult. I wanted its pretty blue binding with its lovely flower buds to sit upon my bookshelf (which is mostly filled with Jaxon’s books!) My oh my how the beginning of the book shocked me as I didn’t read it as a kid and the descriptive words are much more harsh then they are in the family friendly movie created in 1993.
I know this book was written a very long time ago, but it doesn’t mean it doesn’t hurt to read those words, and the negative tone associated with them.


I do still enjoy the secret garden and all its beauty, it’s magic, but I’ve come to realize my love for garden and flowers didn’t stem from that movie as much as I thought that it did. It stemmed from my grandpa. As I write this, I miss him so much. He is so much of an inspiration for my love of gardens and flowers and seeing their beauty.

He would order flowers from catalogs (yup, you read correctly!) and wait for them to arrive. He knew when to plant them and where. He would get up and water them, sit in the summer sun and just stare. I feel like he was meditating but he didn’t even know what meditation was. He could sit there for hours after his yard was nice and tidy and the flowers were tended to. I wish I could ask him now “grandpa, what are you thinking about” but I guess he was thinking how nice his yard looked and enjoyed seeing us playing and simply being kids.

I hope to someday have my little “cottage” (I live in the burbs but it’s still my little cottage) surrounded with beautiful flowers, vintage tables and chairs, the smallest of pea gravel patio with soft lights for summer enjoyment late into the hot evening. I hope to have a hammock where lazy days just drift away and my mind can ponder what will I create next. I hope to have my own secret garden where nature and my imagination intermingle creating lovely little things.

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