May In The "Shop"


 No, I do not have a physical space, however when I partake in artisan markets and petite pop-ups, I display my table as if I did own a physical store.  It allows me to bring you into my world, share my brand, share my story if only with a table, a few chairs and dried flowers scattered about.  A huge thank you to every kind soul that stopped at my table, admired my work, adored my display (always a work in progress) and purchased from me. It is such a great feeling to share my work with the universe, to know that trinket dishes will be gifted to future brides or mothers. The daintiest porcelain triangle will be worn daily and to inspire future creative souls.

I actually didn't sign up for many shows this spring & summer season. Sometimes, that little voice in the back of my mind says "what are you thinking Tisha" "you must sign up for every single show that you possible can". But my heart and body says "take it easy" "enjoy the journey" and "just breath".  So this month in the "shop" I shall do just that.  "Take it  easy" "enjoy the journey" and "just breath". What does that even look like? Well, farmers markets will be starting soon. So it means walking through the market with coffee in hand, looking for delicious fruits and veggies for meals.  It means mapping out a backyard patio. (Hopefully that will solve our swamp issue), so that we can enjoy dining alfresco with soft lights, music, and handmade ceramics. It means playing with clay to get my creative juices flowing.  Spending a month of enjoying the outdoors, playing and resting, reading and getting ready to welcome more flowers and more creative projects. 

What will you be doing this month?  I hope whatever it is, you take sometime to enjoy the little things. 


 Nothing At All

Embrace every moment. Watch as the blades of grass dance in the wind, as the sun sets and the sky explodes with shades of pinks, purples and yellows like watercolors painted across the sky.  Take long rides listening to your favorite song, or the sound of laughter, or get lost in deep conversation, or listen to nothing at all. 

 Sending you love,


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