Mothers Day Gift Ideas 2022

Growing up, I spent Mothers Day with my grandma, so it will be a bit tough this year. But I am surrounded with the love and support of family, friends, and I have my goofy son to give me hugs and cuddles (if he'll let me!).  If you want to celebrate that special woman in your life on Mothers Day, I've put together a few items that I think she would adore! If you want to treat yourself, then that my dear friend is okay too!  So without further ado, I bring to you the

Blue Rochelle's 2022 Mothers Day Gift Guide! 


How about the loveliest pair of  "pearl" earrings from the Hattie Collection.  Or how about a simple gold band?

The Bonjour Birdie Brooch / Studs


1. Forget-Me-Not dish set
2. Hattie "pearl" earrings
3. Hattie Ring
4. Bonjour Birdie Brooch
5. Bonjour Birdie Studs


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