My Dream Space

 All of my porcelain jewelry is made in my home, at the kitchen table or in our craft / office / any extra school supplies / I need a place to stash that vintage birdcage that I picked up from the thrift store room! But one day, I hope to have a studio in my back yard. (yes I want to be able to walk from my back door to my studio) filled with sunlight, flowers and so many vintage finds!

 I want to wake up and hear the sound of the birds singing their morning song. Make a cup of french pressed dark roast coffee and pour it into my favorite handmade mug. Right now, it's the wonky white ceramic mug with french blue hearts all over it. I want to wear my most comfy linen dress and pull my hair back, because lets face it, I don't do my hair that often!

The floors of my dream space are whitewashed old barn wood floors, gorgeous and they look as if they have a story to tell.  All of my craft supplies, fabrics, clays, glazes, brushes, paints,papers, stamps all fill the drawers of my vintage dressers. (I actually already have those, just waiting for the space)!


 In this space I play what every music that speaks to me, soft french music that allows me to imagine I'm in the country side but yet I'm tucked away in my studio rolling out clay, and glazing my pieces or Jewel's Foolish Games because it reminds me of my younger days, when days were just carefree and I really enjoy the piano. 

I want the space to be filled with so much beautiful light and old things, vintage treasures that have been given new life. This lovely place where I dream of new jewelry pieces, whip up a new dress, and sit by the wood burning stove sipping tea and having the most wonderful time!

 I've listen to a few podcast, read a few articles, and read a few blogs that say if you speak your dreams aloud, or write them in your journal the night before, really envision your dream, think about your dream and it shall come to fruition.  Well this is me, speaking to the universe.  "UNIVERSE, THIS IS MY DREAM STUDIO"!

I hope you enjoyed my dream studio vision, and I will be sure to share it with you when it happens!


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