My Messy Creative Journey!

The sun stays high in the sky a bit longer. It’s not dreadfully cold and I can enjoy my lovely linen dresses or handmade jewelry pieces while I sit on my back patio (which still needs a ton of work!), watching helicopters fall from the tree, Jax playing in the yard while gazing at cute little bunnies!  My new strung lights and small blue bistro table remind me of quaint cafes in France (I’ve never actually been but I can imagine just how lovely they are!) and even though everything is moving along, I feel stuck at times.

I have so many wonderful ideas swimming around in my head and they all seem to be struggling to stay afloat and fight for a spot on the surface. I’ve heard the advice “stick to one thing until you are an expert” and I’ve been told “EXPLORE”.  I truly thought I had gotten my “explore” phase done with.
I took a year to take sewing classes, embroidery, pottery, and watched countless videos on water colors and I thought exploring was over, it’s now time to focus Tisha!

I’ve come to realize that I am never done exploring, or learning or growing my mind. Improving my skills at whatever task I so choose to learn!

There are so many hills and valleys and mountains that I’m constantly climbing or stumbling over but I’m so enjoying making porcelain jewelry, sewing my handmade wardrobe and picking up a brush to make a handmade card.

As I type out these words and share with you, I’m slowly beginning to feel a bit less stuck. It’s ok to have more than one interest! Thank you so much for bearing with me as I navigate these muddy waters of my creative journey. For sticking by me as I figure out silver or gold, or both, for watching me paint cards and make jewelry, and sew dresses, make paper, write poems, (I’ll occasionally have a few poems in my newsletter from time to time.)

Creativity is not a straight and narrow path. At least not for me! It’s so messy! But when you can express what you are feeling through a dainty pair of studs, or feel at peace as the water and paint flow on the paper, you bring a smile to a friend’s face when you hand embroider their loved ones name on a onesie, or feel amazing when you slip on a handmade dress, then this messy journey is so worth it.

Hope you have a beautiful day and stay creative.


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