New Arrivals

When I sit down at the kitchen table to create, sometimes I have a clearly thought out idea, a cohesive collection. Other times, the ideas just keep flowing, I continue to roll out clay and simply make pretty little things. I'll take a tiny piece of porcelain and hand shape a new design.  If there's a chunk left over, I'll turn it into cute trinket dishes. I'll experiment with glaze colors, and colored porcelain just to see what lovely colors I can bring into existence.

So you see, these pieces are not part of a cohesive collection.  They are part of my wandering spirit. These pieces were created out of love and a restless mind.

I'm calling this hodge podge of lovely pieces Petits Trésors (little treasures).  They are indeed little treasures to me, and I do hope you cherish them so! 

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