Pushing Through My Fears







Thank you so much for stopping by my little corner of the world. I’ve really been enjoying sharing what I’ve been up to lately and a little behind the scenes.

I wanted to share with you pushing through my fears. It’s a bit scary to share but it’s my “diary” so why not! Right?!


One of my biggest fears is not having this all figured out.  I work so hard to get Blue Rochelle up and running but I was always afraid that it would fail before it even began.


An old co-worker of mine told me “enjoy all the hills and valleys of your journey, because it’s your journey” He couldn’t have been more right.

I was always rushing, trying to get to the next step and not stepping back to enjoy my journey.

I had reached out to 1 local shop last year. Just 1! I thought "hey I’m ready to get my stuff out into the world", in front of more eyes then my small following on social media.  But I didn’t hear back and I was a bit crushed. I thought is my jewelry not good enough? Should I move on? I let my fears get the best of me for a bit.


I continued to make jewelry even though that fear was in the pit of my stomach.

I love making jewelry and handmade things so much that I continued each day making and creating for my family, for friends, for Blue Rochelle, for myself.

I decided “lets reach out again.”


When I got an email back from a local shop that wanted to carry my porcelain jewelry I was so happy!  It was a beautiful feeling to package up my jewelry, place them in my cute wooden basket, and hand them off to the shop owner.


I definitely have days of self doubt. But my creative brain, the side that loves to roll out clay, and sit still for hours painting, the side of my brain that ooh’s and aah's over getting new linen fabric in the mail, the part of my brain that says “YOU GOT THIS” has won!


I’m so glad I didn’t give up, and that I have such a great support system.

Helping me take photos, running to the post office, helping me carry supplies up and down stairs, setting up at craft shows, taking trips to the kiln in the garage late at night.  To everyone on social media that I don’t know personally but have liked, shared, commented on my pieces it means so much when I get to read your messages.


Yes, this is my messy journey.

Yes, I will enjoy every step of the way, learning and growing each and everyday.




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