Snail Mail is Ok!

 Hello there,

It's so nice that you stopped by! 

I had a type writer as a kid. I even typed up an 8th grade English report because we didn't have a computer at the time! I couldn't even imagine not having my computer now. But just the sound of the keys, the way the font looked, and trying to make sure everything was perfect was something I will never forget.
I don't have that typewriter but I do have handmade watercolor cards that I will occasionally send out out in the mail.

I had my son write his great grandmother a letter. He didn't know what to say, he was still learning how to address the letter but I hope he enjoyed the process. It was beautiful to receive a letter back from her! I will cherish that letter always. I wish I had done this with my great grandma. To have a piece of her with me, to see her handwriting so many years later.
I think we take for granted the power of a little snail mail. It doesn't take long to to write down a little hello, tell someone that you are thinking of them just to brighten their day.
We even starting writing other family members and received a thoughtful family activity set and so many beautifully words from each kid in the family. I was so emotional reading the kind words from each of them. I love expressing myself through words, through art, through my creations, and I truly hope you enjoy!
Thank you so much for stopping by my little corner of the world.
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