So Long 2021!

It's that time of year again. The end of the year. It always amazes me that in a blink of an eye the year has come and gone, but in the heat of the hot summer months it feels like we have so much time. Time goes by so fast, and I truly try to cherish tiny moments.

Blue Rochelle has grown up so much and you've been right by my side.  When I first started Blue Rochelle, I have to admit I felt a bit lost. I still have small moments of feeling lost but as the days continued, then turned into weeks and into months and now an entire year, I feel a bit less loss.  I have my trusty Blue Rochelle community, my husband and son to thank for keeping me going. Thanks a bunch!  Thanks for countless late-night brainstorming sessions, early morning  photo shoots, driving and setting up at shows, thanks for the kind comments, and purchasing pieces for your granddaughters, grandmothers, daughters, your wives and yourself!  I can't thank you enough for the love and support you have shown me as I continue on my creative journey. 

It warms my heart to know that a birdie ring dish that my son and I crafted, will be cherished by another.  That is what Blue Rochelle is about. Connecting not only to nature, but to family, to community.

In the beginning of a new year I set up pretty generic goals but I've learned to narrow the goals down even further. What are some goals of mine?  The studio is still a huge dream.  I would love to get all of my crafting, jewelry & sewing supplies out of the house space and into a dream space!

  •  Make more pottery with my son. I love when his face lights up with excitement when he has to show mom how to sculpt a bird! He made a little birdie dish in second grade, and I love his creative spirit.  Those creative moments with mom are far and few in-between so I savor them when I can.
  •  Photography.  I've been told my photos look really good. In my mind, I'm thinking, umm not really but thanks! I want to improve my photo skills and have a bit more fun with it.  It really stresses me out to set up jewelry, hope the lighting is right, I have no idea what I'm doing with the lens so everything is in auto mode or using my old cell phone!
  • I would also love to work on my sewing and painting.  While my primary focus has been jewelry.  I do love watercolors and sewing for my wardrobe. So I hope to be able to fit it in the new year!

2021 was a year were the health of a loved one took a turn for the worse,but shes still here with me.  It was a year of getting into artisan markets, it was a year of being published in the Buffalo Magazine, and having my pieces in my hometown jewelry store (Kirk's Jewelers) and in the local paper! It was an amazing year, but I'm already planning new designs, new pieces, more words of inspiration, and more beautiful in the garden photography, and of course, working more on my garden!

I hope you all had a creative year, a year of doing more of the things you love.  I hope you found time to stop and smell the roses. Like literally look and smell their beautiful scent, and be in awe at it's beauty. I hope you have some amazing goals for the new year. No matter how big or small, I hope you continue to grow, learn, and be inspired by the everyday beauty of life.

See you next year!

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Sending my love and well wishes,

editor in chief: JM

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