So Long 2023!

Another year has come and gone (almost) and I'd like to take this time to reflect, ponder, dream, and breathe.


I turned 40 this year. It was something that I dreaded. I felt that I didn’t accomplish all of the things that I thought I would have accomplished. But after days of reflection, okay months, I feel that there is still time. Everything does not need to be completed right away or even within the year.  Baby steps, move forward, slowly.

 I continued to work on my branding for Blue Rochelle. Upgrading my packaging, improving my photography, working on my story telling and simply showing up everyday.

A small getaway to NYC. Spending time with family, getting to share this experience with Jax.

Blue Rochelle turned 5. Five crazy years of exploring creativity, learning, failing, but ultimately learning. 

Getting better with Reels, but still have so much more to learn.

Created a custom 14kt gold ring. That felt amazing.

Shipped out a Hattie Heart necklace in 14kt gold. Another huge accomplishment for Blue Rochelle.

Reinvented pieces. I am constantly working towards the best materials, the best construction so that your pieces last a very long time.

Put myself up on Youtube. I still cannot believe that I did that, but I did. I wanted to do a bit more story telling in a longer format and I hope to continue in 2024! 

One family vacation to the most "magical place on earth". Okay, lets be real. Its hot, the lines are long, but I loved exploring Epcot France and visiting Batuu East! 

Signing up for more shows.  I'm always amazed at my growth when I push myself a bit further each year. 

Meeting wonderful kind kindred spirits, because without connection, I feel lost at times, but I also need alone time (if that makes any sense at all). 

Creating a dreamy little courtyard near the studio. Its always a work in progress but I love it so very much.


I am a day dreamer. I love when I have the time on Saturday morning to make breakfast, sit and stare out the window, and wonder, if I were in some quaint cafe on the other side of the world, what would I wear, what would the rest of my day look like? What pieces of jewelry would I bring? What color dress would I stroll around the town in? Day dreams like these turn into ideas, ideas turn into projects and sometimes those projects turn into collections. Collections like Josephine. I had this short story swimming around in my head, and then everything started to unfold.


No one knows what will happen in the future. Nor do I want to. But I do have some grand ideas that I would love to explore / create. More short stories with videos, larger pieces of pottery, exploring textiles, dying fabrics, working on the garden, finding time to balance (always a struggle).




I do hope you have time to sit, reflect, dream and breathe.


Sending you love,

wishing you all the best in the new year.

 goodbye 2023


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