So Very Grateful

Dear Diary,


I don’t even know where to begin. My heart has been so filled with gratitude lately and it feels so great that more people are seeing my work. More people are sharing my work, and more people appreciate my handmade porcelain jewelry, hand dyed pieces, and watercolor cards!


Let me just back up a few years! When I first registered my business, all I knew was that I wanted to create. My mind and hands are always trying a new craft, new materials, learning new skills. So I was just a girl, trying to figure out what I wanted to do with all of that creative energy.


I first made cards. But they were not that great, and I made them anyway. I read somewhere “do something badly”. So even though my cards were not pretty, I only sold a few to family, I still felt the need to make them.


I also made cork and lava stone jewelry. Again, they were okay pieces. I even went to my first craft show with those pieces and sold a few! Wow, someone wanted to buy my work. That just fueled me to try new things. I took a ceramic class at Locust St Art. It was the year that I took sewing classes, embroidery classes and just kept diving into creativity. They have so many classes, but I immediately walked towards the back of the old beautiful building to the class labeled “ceramics”. When you open a bag of clay, it smells like dirt. It smells like earth. It made me think of gardening and grandpa and it was just so relaxing rolling out pieces, making coil pots, and pinch pots, and so many tiny ceramic spoons (I have a thing for small, dainty things if you hadn’t noticed).


When I feel that creative spark inside me, I tend to go full steam ahead.

Like diving into the deep unknown. Hoping that it will all work out in the end, but even if it doesn’t, at least I’ve tried.  After taking just a few Saturday classes and then trying the wheel (no luck there), I was hooked on working with clay. Making tiny wearable pieces of art. Shaping it, glazing it, wearing it daily fascinated me so much. It fascinated me so much, that I did a little bit of research, asked tons of questions with Rochester Ceramics, and purchased a small, very small kiln. My husband helped me program it, I learned at which temps to fire and it was go time! 


My pieces are always changing as I learn new techniques, discover new materials, or just because a certain color is so lovely that I need to work with it!


I could never have imagine that I would be where I am today with Blue Rochelle. My brain was so crazy and I felt like I had no focus what so ever. I could never imagine that I would be in a magazine, in little boutiques and currently expanding to more! So much love has been shown at every show that I participate in, and I can’t thank you all enough. It makes my heart so happy when someone walks up to my table, and tell my how beautiful my pieces are. Or tell my my packaging is so lovely. I’ve grown so much with Blue Rochelle in just a short time, and you have grown with me!


I am so very grateful to have found my Blue Rochelle family and I can’t wait to share so many lovely handmade things with you!


Sending my love,





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