Spring Is In The Air


Saturday mornings are pretty slow, unless I have an artisan market, or a small pop up. Then, all week, I am frantically working to make pieces, iron linens, make sure everything is ready to go and looking lovely for you. (sigh).

Less busy weekends are spent getting up listening to the birds sing, feeling the fresh breeze blow through the window and slowly making a cup of french pressed coffee in one of my favorite handmade mugs. If it's a day that we plan on going to the farmers market, I forgo the french press and grab a cup at the market, and stroll around getting pastries, produce, and sit in the park to enjoy time a bit.

Joie de vive. Time is one of the precious things we cannot buy, we cannot get back. It is to be savored as best as we can.


Things that I would love to get accomplished this lovely Spring season. (non jewelry / pottery related)

  • Re-mulch my little studio courtyard. I call it a courtyard but it’s just the space between my garage and studio, but I’ve made it lovely with vintage tables, potted plants and cafe lights. I like to sit back there on a warm day, with a good book and a glass of vino. Letting my mind wander to happy places because the world can be so cruel.

  • Decorate the patio. The more spaces to relax, the better!

  • Get so many potted plants and flowers until my heart overflows with happiness. I can never decide where to plant them in the ground, or which area has the best sunlight. So I think I shall stick to pots.

  • I would love a raised vegetable garden. (day dreaming)


I have so many more projects, and sometimes I struggle with finding that balance between family, running Blue Rochelle, work, and finding pockets of time for self care. I’m easing into the season as usual. But, as I sit here and write (okay, I’m at the computer typing away), I cannot help to feel a sense of “I should be doing….” Do you every have that feeling like if you keep taking it slow, you’ll never get to where you need to be? If so, you are not alone.




close your eyes, and breathe, feel your heart beating.

find beauty in the rain hitting the pavement, smell the earth after the storm, embrace the hugs, let the tears stream down until they are puddles upon your cheeks.

The world…. It is a crazy world.

It is difficult, it is challenging.

I can hear the birds sing as the sun begins to set.

I fill my mind with words.

Simple and beautiful words.


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