Take it Slow & Turning 39!

Dear Diary,


I purchased an art print from Beth over at Bethcyr.com. I was drawn to the phrase “I trust in the timing of the universe” I never thought much about that phrase until I saw her work. It just stuck with me.  It feels so good to believe in the timing of the universe. I come back to that phrase when things feel off, when I feel off. It helps me get through some pretty tough times.


What is going on? Why have things been slow for Blue Rochelle? Whats been tough? Well, for starters, getting supplies and materials has been a challenge lately. Every shop that I called is out of the porcelain that I use. So I’ve been patiently waiting (okay, not really patiently) for the clay to come in. I’ve been checking my emails so frequently hoping that someone emails me back saying “the porcelain is in”! But that hasn’t happened just yet. So in the meantime, I’ve been working with my colored porcelain which has been a challenge creating my own custom colors. I’m super excited, but it has been a real process creating these color recipes. I hope to share them with you soon!
I also felt a bit disheartened recently, and it has been hard getting my creative mind to flow like it usually does. I wanted to set some pretty awesome goals this year, and one of them being getting into more shops and small boutiques, but as I reach out to shop owners and here no answer I feel like…. well crap. But when I sit at my work bench, and glance over at Beth’s print, “I trust in the timing of the universe” I know it will all be okay. I know I will figure this out and this crappy feeling will be a distant memory and a lesson learned.
Why am I sharing all of this? Well, because I want you to know that Blue Rochelle is not just a place for me to create artisan porcelain jewelry, it’s a place to connect, share, to foster a lovely community to be seen and to be heard. I create from the depths of my soul, and this is what I’m feeling in this moment in space and time.
I’ve been taking it slow, easing into the new year. As a dear friend said, “we can just enjoy the time to experiment and maybe refuel our creative souls!” I am doing just that! Finding a way to ease back into creativity, and just seeing where this creative journey takes me!


And this is 39!


Wow, there are days that I can’t believe that I’m 39! I remember being 21 like it was just yesterday! But here I am ready to take on the world! I never thought that I would own my own business, and honestly stick with it for as long as I have! My advice to my younger self would be, “do as many creative things that you can, until you find what speaks to your soul, but don’t just stop there!"



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