The Ode to Claire

I’m not sure if you know this, but my background is in apparel design and product development. I spent 4 years learning to sew welt pockets, french seams, draft patterns, grade them, create surface designs, make collections and oh yea, sew buttons!  You see, I have a love hate relationship with sewing and especially sewing buttons.


 I love adding handmade to my wardrobe, but often the sustainable brands that I adore are just out of my budget so I make basics from free patterns online, support small pattern makers, or watch youtube. (guilty pleasure!)

I love being able to pick out the fabrics that I want in my wardrobe. Why is that important to me? Well fabrics like linen (my favorite) and cotton will dissolve into the earth over time, unlike materials like polyester or acrylic. Those materials will be on earth for what seems like forever. I also like the way natural materials feel on the body, which is definitely key when I pick out fabric. How will it feel when I wear it! I sew even though I struggle through certain aspects and it can be awfully expensive at times. I sew because that is how my grandma’s clothes were made. With love, care, kindness, frustration and perseverance.

The oh dreaded button! I tend to shy away from patterns that require buttons.  Things must be measured accurately, the tension in the machine has to be just right and the weather must be perfect to sew a button! Not dreadfully hot with a slight breeze coming through the window!  A bit dramatic? I think not! I do not enjoy sewing in my craft room in 80 degree weather! I tend to be more of a care free spirit when it comes to creating. Perfectly imperfect but you can’t have crooked buttons that don’t line up! You just cannot!

So when I was thinking of a new bracelet idea, the thought of a porcelain little button popped in my head. A token of my past, intertwined with my present, reminding me of my loves and struggles.
A dainty porcelain button to wear on the wrist reminding me that I do love to sew, that it’s ok to be perfectly imperfect and to keep trying anyway!

It is indeed okay to be perfectly imperfect you see and to not give up when things are difficult. You just have to look at it at a different angle and simply try.


Have a beautiful day!


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