Thoughts, feelings, emotions


I have no idea where this journey will lead me.
There are days that are foggy, and the skies are blurry, and my thoughts are jumbled.
Days that seem to be ethereal, that I long to hold onto deep within.  Days that seem unreal to be truth.
All that I know is to take one step forward each day, each month, each year.
Trust in my heart, in my soul, in my intuition, trust in my creativity and what gift that I have to offer to the universe, to myself.
Trust that little spark inside.
Simply trust that it will all work out and that it will be okay.
Trust in those faint whispers as the wind blows, and the skies open,and the sun peaks,
Trust in the pitter-patter of the rain as it falls to the ground nurturing the earth, the soul, my soul, your soul.



 I use to write often, but time does not allow it.  A photo inspired these words, (the photo above)

*photo credit: DJP

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