We Made It!

 We made it!!!

I’ve said that phrase so many times in the past couple of days. “We made it through 2020!”

I have so many mixed emotions about this year. Good, bad, confused, worried, grateful, happy, the list can go on and on! But I’ll just stop there, and explain!

Thanks so much for taking the time to read my words and follow me on my creative journey!




I did a journal exercise just to get things out onto paper and it was really helpful. The exercise was to recap the year. Jot down what you’ve accomplished and what you would like to see happen in the new year. At first I thought, how in the world did I accomplish anything? The world stopped. But when I sat down and did the exercise I accomplished a lot and I’m pretty darn proud of myself! (patting myself on the back!)

What happened in 2020

A few of the things that I accomplished in 2020 was that I got a better website. (free isn’t always better). I signed up for a basic website plan and I love my site. It’s always a work in progress (most things in life are), but it’s coming along!

I was able to get my pieces into two local shops. That was super exciting for me. When I attended my first craft show (I was so nervous and it was just a local school!). I had no idea if anyone would buy my jewelry. I thought it would be the longest 4 hours of my life. But it was fine! I actually sold things, and that just gave me the courage to reach out to a couple of local shops. It has been great getting to know other makers and be apart of a amazing community.


The world stopped this year. Like it seemed to literally stop. Everything was shut down for months, shows were canceled and I thought well this just isn’t going to be a great year financially. How could it be? I was blown away at the support you’ve shown me this year and I actually had record sales in December! I’ve received so many kinds words on instgram about my jewelry and it means the world to me!

Do you often step out of your Comfort Zone? I usually don’t. I’m a very quiet person who can listen to music, watch tiny house living on youtube and sit for hours shaping, glazing, and smoothing clay. But this year has pushed me to get out of my comfort zone. The old Tish after getting the email “we are not looking for any new jewelry vendors at the moment” would have crushed me. (oh and I’ve gotten that email, and some no response at all). I would have just canceled my website, thought "I’ll just put this hobby away and let it fizzle". But 2020 Tish pushed right through and kept knocking on doors! It has been amazing and scary. (do you know the feeling?).

Most of my photos are taken by my husband in our yard or at my grandparents house with our son running around in the background but when someone that I follow on Instgram asked me to be apart of her photo shoot I was A) Shocked. Like “are you talking to me?” B) Nervous. I was still nervous the day of the photo shoot. The land was gorgeous, her pieces are gorgeous, but I was still sooo nervous. But I did it anyway!


Now looking forward to 2021


I am simply horrible at keeping a schedule. I don’t post and share as often as I would like. I will find some silly reason not to. The photo doesn’t look right, the lighting isn’t that great, it’s not the right time of day (you get the picture). But my 2021 goal is to share with you guys and gals more. To show you my process of creating my jewelry and more behind the scenes of Blue Rochelle.


Learning is just what I love to do. It could be a new craft (I have a few that I still would like to try), new recipe to make, or simply calm my mind so that I can focus more on the task at hand.  I think if I’m not learning or challenging my brain I’m not growing. I always want to learn something new and exciting (to me) even if it’s just to make my grandmas cornbread dressing! I’m getting pretty good at it.  I’ve had several holidays to practice! One of the things that I hope to do in 2021 is to finally grow a decent garden. I’ve tried so many times with not much luck and I hope this is the year! I hope to have lovely flowers cover the yard and fresh veggies to harvest! (I can feel the grass underneath my feet already!) So if you have any tips for me, please share!


I hope you all had a year that you were able to feel some accomplishment, set goals for this new year and cherish the days you got to spend with your loved ones!


Goodbye 2020, see you all in the New Year!



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