When You Think You Can't Do It, Think Again!

When you think you can't do something, think again my dear friend!

I met a friend for coffee one Sunday morning. We began to talk about sewing and business as we often do and she mentioned that she had made her jeans that she was wearing that day. I wore one of my handmade linen dresses but I never thought I could / would have the patience to make jeans.  So many components and you know the darn buttonholes!  "You should give it a try." Those words peaked my interest. (As if I didn't have a million projects on my plate already!) I just love a good handmade piece and challenging my brain to solve new problems and use my hands in a different way. I also needed a good pair of pants for my capsule wardrobe so I thought why not! 

I went on the hunt for denim.  I actually have more linen in my closet then denim so I thought this would be fun to try a colored pair of jeans.  I found a lovely shade of olive green to pair with the Serenity Earrings. I'm defiantly enjoying the deep shades of green this fall, how about you?  Any favorite fall colors this year?

The project took longer than expected.  I thought it would take only a weekend, but it took an entire week! To be fair, I only spent about 45 min each night working on the project, but I've learned so much this past week while working on my Dawn Jeans.

Things that I've learned

1. Take  baby steps and you can accomplish great things

2. Sewing a pair of jeans isn't so scary after all

3. measure twice and cut once! 

About the third thing that I've learned. The jeans were actually way to big, but I had my photographer (aka my son!) snap a few photos anyway because I was so proud of myself for finishing them!  (patting myself on the back)  I've actually taken them all apart, and trying to get the fit just right! I'll be sure to share more  photos. 

If you are looking for a high waisted, non stretch jean pattern be sure to check out the Dawn Jeans! .

And if there is something you want to accomplish, and don't even know where to begin, truly just take baby steps and you will accomplish great things! 

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