Who Is Blue Rochelle

Blue Rochelle is like my second child.  Waking up early, going to bed late and always working to make it the best that I can.


If you haven't already known, Blue Rochelle was named quite quickly.  After asking Jax what is his favorite color, (thank the heavens it was blue). I'm pretty fond of the color blue myself.  Rochelle is my middle name.  As a kid, I somewhat disliked my name. It was different. 

As I grew older, wiser and became the woman that I am today, I fully embrace my name, I fully embraced me.



 Blue Rochelle is where I create lovely pieces for a lovely life. Inspired by nature, by my imagination of the women who may wear my pieces.  It's where I escape for a bit (like Belle and all of her books) to far away places, or open fields where the wild flowers grow.

Each piece at Blue Rochelle is handmade by me.  Shaping the porcelain, attaching the findings, sourcing the best materials that I can, capturing each piece to put up on the shop.

Blue Rochelle is a handmade dreamy brand where nature and imagination intermingle to create lovely jewelry. 



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