My Slow Brand

The world is in constant motion and there are days that I desperately try to keep up with the fast past. Deep down, I know that is not me. I simply cannot.  My schedule cannot be jammed packed with activities, otherwise I feel so drained. I long for slow days of working in the studio, going to the bookstore to look at cottage home décor magazines, and truly watch the season change.  Like now, the leaves are slowly turning to golden yellows, faded greens, burnt orange and gracefully falling to the ground. The sun is setting earlier and Fall will be here very soon.  The sound of rain hits the metal roof, soft music lingers in the background, and everything feels cozy here.

When I decided that I wanted to start my own business, I knew that I wanted a slow brand, not only wanted, I needed a slow brand.  A brand where everything is handmade in small batches, where attention to detail and giving extra special touches to everything that I do is a must. Because everything feels extra special with wax seals, dried flowers, silk ribbons, hand written notes and of course handcrafted pieces. So pardon me, if I don’t dance for social media, or keep up with the latest music. If you want to slow down, and imagine that you have stepped back in time, if only for a moment, then you my dear friend are in the right place!

It’s not that I don’t listen to what’s on the radio in 2022, it’s just that when I create, when my mind is in imagination mode, my creativity starts to flow when Bluebird by Alexis Ffrench is playing, La Vie En Rose with Louis Armstrong, Jewel’s Foolish Games, J’en ai rêvé by Nolwenn Leroy .  Okay, and I’ll admit, I do love the Folklore and Evermore album.

It’s been awhile since I put together a small photo shoot. Which is something that I love, but often do not have the time to do.  So I took the time to slow down in between dinner, working in the studio and watching a movie with the family to have a bit of fun and share with you all.  I hope you enjoy!

Bisou bisou!









What I’m wearing

Dress: handmade cotton floral shift dress
Skirt: handmade cotton patch pocket “stroll in the meadow” skirt
Earrings: Serenity
Bracelet:  Lucy in the color twilight

Table Setting
Pottery: Handmade pottery by yours truly
Sugar dish: Vintage sugar dish (from my grandmas collection) 
Candle Holder: Vintage green frosted candle holder from Roaring.Springs.Home

Photo credit: Aaron M





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